Photo Discover the success story of the pioneer of french internet

Discover the success story of the pioneer of french internet

Discover the success story of the pioneer of french internet

The world of video games is well-known to children in general, especially boys. For the simple homemade ones to the online games that we know today, video games have known a real progress. Playing since their childhood, players can share adventures with friends and relatives, discover new World, and can even affect them into their passion. Who is the responsible? Stephane Portha (, a pioneer of Internet games.

How did he become a legend of the digital world?

Whose boy has never dreamt to have his own Video games? In addition to having fun, gaming can become a real passion for many children and he was not an exception. At only 6 years old, while playing “Pong”, the popular game of that time, he found his interest in digital tools and he turned it into his job until right now.

It just took him eight years to take his first step: he created a homemade video game called “Tanks” using only the Sharp PC-1211 and ZX81 machines.

Path to the future is marked out

Passionate of digital entertainment and video games, he has always tried to link them. Then, he became a studio manager in Toonslab in Mauritius and other companies by developing technology in these firms. He had always wondered on multiplayer games and worked on that by studying on Minitel, the first video text online.

It had success linking more than 2 500 homes. He observed its technical development and decided to build a game platform. After a long work, he reached his point and Stephane Portha became the French innovator in animated games.

Despite his cover, Minitel was supplanted by Internet in 2000 after two decades of use, even if its impact was 45.45%, around 25 million out of the 55 million inhabitants in France. As a businessman, he found the opportunity to become the co-owner of Linux Cyber joueurs for seven years, a French game produced by the Graal game.

Innovation is his challenge

During his career, he has always gathered his passions in the same activity resource. Then, he built Eurocenter in 1989; a company specialized in technological development and mobile games. Then, he contributed to the launch of Internet by working through Web.

Even if Internet was brand new for people at that time; he saw it as a channel to get underway online games. He realized the GraalOnline Classic in 2007 with a developer, Stefan Knorr, an adventure game on medieval kingdom, a multiplayer game.

This Graal was the first online game followed by Graalonline Era, a modern urban universe game and Graalonline Zone, a spatial game. These are completed with exploration, building home and quests using weapons and tools by inserting connection with players.

Due to their expansion, the games were converted into Smartphone games, compatible with iOS system and Android, and considered as the first MMO game on the same year. Eurocenter has been converted into EuroGames, an empire which reunited all online and mobile games.

Even today, Stephane Portha is considered as an inspiration for gamers to turn a simple entertainment into passion and later become business. To sum up in a few words, Stephane Portha is:

  •  the creator of Eurocenter
  •  a launcher of the internet
  •  a creator of the first online game
  •  and so on …

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